Discussion Community Forum. I will be thinking about purchasing the ultra store multi-tool

I’m thinking about buying the Super Shop multi-tool. I had been considering the Shopsmith, nevertheless the capacity to work with steel (lathe, mill, etc.) is the reason why i’m taking into consideration the Super Shop.

Really does anybody have any knowledge about this appliance? I would like the negative and positive. Thank you for their help.


I have been the master of a Shopsmith MarkV product 510 for 16 years. In addition worked for the organization during middle 90s as national sales and solution supervisor. It’s an effective instrument with several benefits and drawbacks into system. Pros feature adaptability and convenience in animated from function to a different and sharing of aspects. The exercise newspapers function try first class although a little too quickly for large forstner parts plus the band-saw is great for just what it is; a small band-saw. Negatives integrate difficulty in adjusting to truly great tolerances considering that the bed on the table spotted is not what sturdy. (You learn to conform to they within technique.) The lathe, while beneficial, was a tiny bit light and is likely to vibrate with larger turnings if you don’t create the speed reducer (about a $300 solution) and also the brand new lathe device rest ($75?). The table noticed along with its tilting dining table is generally hard to cut sides on with bigger products, sheet goods particularly.

Everything stated, the system keeps a lot more than supported my desires all these decades and that I’ve merely have one major repairs, an engine replacement about 36 months back, an extremely simple Doing It Yourself job.

Would I buy someone else? I’d basically was at exactly the same developmental degree as then (5 years into the interest) and had small space. The size and style makes it special for the functions you can get. It’s just the thing for a little hobbiest working area.

We have eventually were able to secure a totally free standing store of 20 x 30 and, if funds had been no object, I would become updating to individual resources. That is not within the resources until once I retire so I’ll be using this for another 15 years or so.

I have not used the Total Shop but got a pal who struggled to obtain them. The guy said that it was more robust that the level V, weighs in at virtually twice as much, it is filled with the same issues since tag V when involved in steel, less therefore in wood.

If you are already relatively accomplished at this, you’ll be let down in a choice of if you don’t has area limits which call for a trade off anyhow.

Its like those fax, backup, printers they offer. It can a great deal but nothing from it very well. For the money you could fare better with put seperates while having soemthing that can do so’s job very well. We believe like shopsmith, only amateurs with glazed over sight and drooling lips with over loaded wallets fall for this stuff. I still recall those hour long advertisements in the shopsmith late at night. In my opinion which a sure indication a product or service isn’t any great. I’ve been a woodworker and metal worker for thirty something many years and envision this will be one of many worst stuff you can spend your money together with the least return.

However if you have small space and would like to would little material and extremely mild metal services it may be ok.

If you are planning on using this activity honestly i believe you will end up disappointed within these hardware. like other individuals said, each of them render sacrifices are flexible. More skills you obtain the greater dissapointed you will end up using machinery restrictions. If you possess the area, solitary work devices include a better financial.

we are going to need agree to disagree. Shopsmith enjoys a very good means line. Granted they may not be the utmost effective, in most of their apparatus but, they might be better than many more, appliance manufacturers.The accurate and precision, not forgetting access, of a variety of hardware to execute particular tasks, enjoys stored this program range running a business for almost half a century.

I’d anticipate any organization who is able to contend for this period of time, against the manufacturing leaders including Rockwell & General. must be doing things correct.

All competent tradesmen need their own choice with what technology they go for, with regards to the job which should be finished.

I would recommend it is not the means that produces the art, it’s the man who utilizes the appliance.

(To forestgirl, SORRY. Individual that make the artwork.) :)

Really your own website C.A.G.


Cheers everybody else to suit your replies. Area is actually my personal limiting element, but, after the tips, i believe i might be better off to need individual gadgets or even bring an used shopsmith to complement my companies noticed. Again thanks for your suggestions. Walt

If you go blend honestly examine Felder, Rojek, Hammer, Knapp etc. Plus they keep their own investments better. Used could be the best way to get a shopsmith if you actually must however if you may have put additional brands you will most certainly awfully dissatisfied general.

We looked at the Shopsmith and moved to see a demo at Lowes. I became amazed in what they might create in a tiny room. But, I was thinking there is some dilemmas implementing bigger works and layer merchandise. I found myself scared that I would personally quickly outgrow the shopsmith immediately after which could have an important investment in a device that I becamen’t utilizing a great deal. I absolutely failed to and just haven’t have a great demand for that horizontal dull facet of the machine.

We took my opportunity. Decided to go to estate auctions. Shopped for brand new machines and informed me about what would work for me ultimately. I found an excellent pantry watched, a drill hit, a dust enthusiast and a 6″ jointer for under 2K. If you would like add the bandsaw towards the shopsmith the price tag for their lightweight product was near to the things I discover a 14″ saw that i take advantage of daily within my store. My personal complications had been I wanted everything NOW. Over twenty five years after starting woodworking i’m nevertheless purchase toys and increasing the range. Without having for anything right now sugardaddy along with the room to achieve this I think you’re going to be more content in the end to construct a shop of individual pieces of equipment. If you truly take time to browse and google search you’ll set the store along.

In addition. I really do have a Shopsmith now. It was directed at me after a neighbors partner passed away. I tried it as a horizontal mundane maker twice since I have started using it.

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